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Cara and Chandler

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Shaw with Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dowd request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their children

Our Story

Cara Shaw and Chandler Dowd's paths first crossed at a camp in 2016. Their interest in each other took root during a young adult weekend several years later, when a close friend predicted a possible relationship between Chandler and Cara. The following month, Chandler initiated their deeper connection by sending a Happy Birthday text to Cara, and from then on, their communication flourished.

Their mutual love for backpacking led them to guide an unforgettable trip through Grand Teton National Park alongside a group of young adults. This adventure deepened their bond considerably. Though unspoken, they both sensed that this blossoming relationship would have a profound impact on their lives. Their connection transitioned into a long-distance relationship when they officially became a couple at the 2020 Feast of Tabernacles in Montana.

A year later, Cara relocated to Tulsa as their relationship continued to flourish. Nearly three years into their relationship, Chandler surprised Cara with a proposal at their favorite local park in Tulsa. Overjoyed, Cara accepted, commencing a new, exciting chapter in their lives.

Now, after an enriching six-year journey together, they happily await their wedding day. They look forward to celebrating this momentous occasion with each and every one of you very soon!